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Compatible with iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement White, FFtopu LCD Display & Touch Screen Digitizer Frame Assembly Set with 3D Touch Free Repair Tool(5.5”

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Product Description


iphone 5s/6/6s/7/8/plus screen replacementiphone 5s/6/6s/7/8/plus screen replacement

Screen replacement precautions

Man-made damage due to improper operation, return and exchange are not supported

1 [Test]

Receive the screen to see if the appearance of the cable is intact, and the test shows that the touch is normal (the editable icon moves to each position on the screen when the touch is tested, the icon moves with the finger, and the touch is normal), and the test is performed before installation

2 [Cables]

The cable must be deducted in the off state. When buckling the cable, you should gently align the two sides. When the cable is properly buckled, there will be a crisp sound, and then press the four sides of the cable. Then press the iron block under the cable first. Bending the cable installation to avoid car damage to the cable. Before installation, remove the broken screen to practice pressing the cable, and then use the new screen to connect and test.

3 [Screw length]

The length of the screws is not the same. Where you remove them and put them back, otherwise you screwed the screen with the wrong screws and scrapped them. (The main screws pay attention to the two screws next to the front camera, the three screws on the home button, and 5 screws for the cable cover) Do not tighten the screws too much.

4 Before testing and installation, please be sure to watch the precautions and videos for changing the screen. Don’t take it too troublesome to avoid the loss caused by negligence.

Step 1Step 1

installing 1

1. Remove the screws on both sides of the data port first

2. Use a suction cup and a rocker to suck the screen together

Note: To dial in the upper part of the home button, dial slowly, do not pull too hard

3. Remove the suction cup

4. Open slowly with your hands

Step 2Step 2

installing 2

5. Be careful when pulling under the cable, don’t tear it hard, open it slowly upwards

6. Remove the patch that fixes the screen cable, and unscrew a few screws in the circled position in the picture.

7. Remove the patch with tweezers

8. Use the rocker to open the camera cable

Step 3Step 3

installing 3

9. Then pry open the fingerprint recognition cable

10. Then pry open the display cable

11. Finally pry open the contact cable

12. The screen achievement has been removed. If you need to change the screen, follow the above steps to replace the new scre



Just try it by yourself!

Step 1Step 1

step 1

Step 2Step 2

step 2

Step 3Step 3

step 3


step 4








Proximity sensor

Repair tools

Home button

Ear piece

Front camera


Please transfer the home bottom from your orginal screen,Because only the orginal screen can make your touch ID work and our screen is not include home bottom


Package includes

1.Full Complete assembly digitizer

1.A set of Repair tools

1 x Repair screwdrivers

1 x Pry Pick

1 x Suction Cup

2 x Dust Wipes

1 x Sim card pin

Lovely Tips:

what should I do ? If the screen came out black or unresponsive

a.Please check the LCD to make sure the flex cables are in good condition and there are no debris on the connector.

b.Disconnect and reconnect the flex cables from the motherboard side.

c.Then Reboot: Hold buttons (Home, Up volume, and Power button) until the phone switch down and then switch up again.

d.Make sure IOS has been upgraded to the latest version.

iphone 5/6/6s/7/8 screen replacementiphone 5/6/6s/7/8 screen replacement

Attention :

Please test the new LCD before you install this iphone screen replacement.

1.Connect the cable

2.Test screen

3.Test Touch: Long press one of APP moving around the screen, to check the new screen could normal to work or not.

【Include】: Iphone 8 Plus screen replacement+Repair Tools Set+Screen Waterproof glue
【Quality】: Each screen is subject to strict quality before shipment. If you encounter any problems, please feel free to contact me.
【Caution】: This part does NOT include home button, front camera, cables for home button and front camera, earpiece speaker. Transfer them from old screen is a MUST.
【installation】: Carefully follow instructions & Youtube videos during installing.

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Compatible with iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement White, FFtopu LCD Display & Touch Screen Digitizer Frame Assembly Set with 3D Touch Free Repair Tool(5.5”


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